The Team

Mercurious helps investors and traders in the complex markets. We have bundled the required expertise and network. With this we support you to achieve your goals.

Our company employs a wide variety of specialists, amongst which are (former) professional traders, asset managers, brokers and sales managers of banks.

Jerry de Leeuw - Founder

Jerry founded Mercurious in 2004. After completing his study in Economics in 1995 he became a Market Maker on the trading-floor of the European Option Exchange (EOE) in Amsterdam. He was professional options trader on Amsterdam Exchanges and Euronext. In 1999 he established his own Market Maker company, which was licensed under the supervisory body AFM. This firm became a Member of Euronext Life, and had clearing-contracts with Fortis, KBC bank and Goldman Sachs.
With the Anglo-Dutch energy exchange APX-Endex Jerry was (on an interim-basis) responsible for the development of the continental gas markets in Belgium and The Netherlands (2007). In this role he visited the dealing rooms of their members throughout Europe.
Jerry was project manager for the development of a new oil index. In 2008 Nyenrode Business University embraced the project. Jerry is specialized in professionalizing trade floors and dealing rooms in the Energy, Commodity and Financial market. He is also author of the books ‘Milkshakes & Butterflies’, ‘Hit & Lift’, and ‘Energy problems & future perspective’.

Representing Mercurious during recent years Jerry visited a wide variety of business relations, either to train or to provide advisory services in the field of markets, trading and risk management. In that capacity he typically travels around, whereby especially Dubai, Houston, Moscow, Lagos (Nigeria), Kuwait, London and Geneva are often visited.