Mercurious helps individuals and organizations to professionalize their activities & portfolio. Therefore we train people and deliver advisory services in the field of the markets, portfolio management, the business and related support functions, risk management and back office activities & processes.

Our consultancy assignments are mainly advisory services. We typically do not implement to maintain our independency, although we support change management teams.

Over the years we have been assigned to analyze markets, audit process, identify business requirements and formulate strategies. Based on research we draw conclusions and provide recommendations. Our reports are used by our customers both internally and externally, either to support accountability with respect to the board, commissioners, shareholders or regulators. Exclusive reports, which are amongst our deliveries, are valued by our customers for their practicality.

Mercurious’ consultancy projects and advisory services include:

  • Investments, position management & portfolio optimization
  • Application of derivatives
  • Identification of aspects & criteria for regulator to monitor for market abuse
  • Market development or entry for/by a trading organization
  • Development of a new exchange
  • Development of a multilateral trading facility
  • Development of a new price index
  • Professionalization of the risk management organization, including procedures and limit structures
  • Optimization of risk models
  • Extend risk reporting
  • Trade & risk management software selection
  • Selection of data & news provider
  • Selection of clearing member
  • Selection of brokerage firm
  • Formulating criteria to select brokerage firm for operating in a particular market
  • Modification of risk management procedures and protocols in organizations
  • Recommendation in the field of governance and ethics & integrity
  • Development of an academy that conducts a charter
  • Scientific research - in cooperation with universities - in the field of applied maths