Market monitoring & Surveillance

The influx of regulation impacts market participants; they have to comply. Part of the compliancy framework is education, but it also typically incorporates a monitoring and/or surveillance function. 

Mercurious also delivered knowledge in the field of directives and regulation.

European legislation, such as MAD (incl. MAD II & MAR) and REMIT, puts pressure on organisations. Not just from the perspective of the prohibition to abuse a market, but also because organisations have to report a lot of data to the regulator. Next, EMIR, MiFID (incl. MiFID II & MiFIR) and CRD (IV) are financial market regulations which are also important for market participants in the commodity markets and energy sector.

Professionals need knowledge about market fundamentals in order to interpret the principles relating to market abuse, but also to understand the impact of EMIR, MiFID, CRD and more regulations.