Test your knowledge: Risk - Expert level

Test your knowledge about risk management
Knowledge related Middle Office activities, models & processes is not only relevant for Risk Managers & Analysts, but supporting staff must also understand this in order to excel.
At this expert level your knowledge is tested in the sense of interpretation. After all, as expert you should be able to develop business.

What is an add on to the application of value at risk?

How would you replicate a short future?

The first step in the process to implement risk management in the organization is:

A binary option has:

A ninja order is an order whereby:

What is the main risk in a risk conversion?

How would you replicate a short put option?

If the current price is 10.00 and you expect the next moment the price also to be 10.00, the this is explained by:

How would you manage operational risk in a trading environment?

Which limits structure helps to manage liquidity risk?